About Us

Compassion Medical Ltd – Mission Statement

“We are passionate about providing real life, situational skills in Health & Safety and Emergency scenarios. By using innovation and practical knowledge in First Aid and Pre-Hospital care, we improve Public Safety, build community resilience, and support evidence based learning in our workplaces, communities and Medical Services”

Our Values


Being as transparent as we can with our knowledge and advice, signposting to the best options for you, knowing when to hand over to someone else


Understanding the trust our clients have in our abilities, knowing when we are best to assist. Not being afraid to ask for help when it comes to giving the best we can


Providing real-life, practical knowledge based training and skills. Working with our clients, support staff and casualties from where they are, when they need it

Why Choose Us?

We believe that a strong foundation in the knowledge of First aid provides the public with the ability to change the NHS. By helping them make better informed decisions about their treatment options, to simple and effective training to deal with medical emergencies, First Aid can be used in all walks of life, not just in Health & Safety.

That’s why we stay ahead of the curve by promising our clients and casualties that we will always be;


There is always something new to learn and develop. We commit to keeping up with the changes and passing it on to you, every time


Our staff will constantly serve on the front lines of each industry, giving you every drop of experience we gain from your perspective


By learning who we serve, we adapt training and support around your needs. Each stage we ask you where you want to go next


First Aid has largely remained unchanged since it’s adaptation into law in 1981. Our focus is to streamline training to include everyone


As an industry, Health & Safety seems inflexible. We approach it with open ears, listening to your concerns and acting on them to build a safety culture


Without care and compassion, our world would not work. Our commitment to making the world a better place drives us forward, Right There With You

Our Team

We believe a strong team can get anything done. Why not meet them?

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Directors’ Note

That guy“Welcome and thank you for choosing us. We hope you find everything you need to stay safe, and remember, we are always Right There With You.”

Dan Smith – Director

Compassion Medical Ltd

Our Story

Compassion Medical came into existence from a purpose and desire to change the world of First Aid. The concept first started as a way to provide the volunteer market with the necessary training and support to provide help where it was needed. It was soon discovered that the First Aid industry had not experienced any major changes since its induction into legislation in 1981.

Looking at the term “Compassion” was first, finding its root in the Latin term “Compassio”, which meant “to have sympathy on” or “to take pity”. As it moved through the various languages, its root adjusted to a first person view, turning into “to empathise” or “to suffer with”. It inspired the ethos of the company as it finally settled on “to love together with”, meaning to be right there with you. And so, Compassion Medical began its journey.

As the company has moved on, we learned and analysed techniques and skills, knowledge and guidelines to create influence in the three main sectors of training, First Aid, Healthcare and the Health & Safety subjects. Innovation soon set in, where we introduced solutions using technology and support to maximise the care given at point of contact.

As we move into the future, we plan to build a solid foundation in First Aid, change Healthcare delivery and support employers and employees alike in the workplace to make better choices about safety.

Training Centre

Our courses and event support are all delivered from our purpose built centre in Great Leighs, Chelmsford, Essex. Want to take the tour?

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