It is with great sadness that we inform you; Compassion Medical is no longer providing services in Training or Event Medical until the New Year of 2021. 

Due to serious health issues, the Directors’ team have been left with no option but to suspend all business operations until the situation is resolved. 

I would like to thank all of our clients, partners, suppliers and supporters for your valiant efforts to keep us running, we shall return the favour by coming back stronger in the New Year.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, check the FAQ’s below or speak to the team at Vital Workplace Training Group

Thank you 

Dan Smith – Director of Compassion Medical Ltd

Due to serious Mental Health issues, I’ve been forced into taking an extended break from working. It has been a rough ride, but things are looking better now. The full story can be found HERE

Yes. We’re slowing all business operations down for the time being, so we are not taking any new bookings until 2021.

Yes, but there is no Medical Base or Training Centre. The office is now based at my house, so no one can come and visit as of yet.

Vital Workplace Training Group is the new training service which is a collaboration of trainers from the local Essex area that provides a multitude of different training based services. I am currently working on the Directors team to establish a strong brand identity and deliver a high-quality service that does not rely on one person. This will ultimately end up providing all of the Workplace training services in the future, leaving Compassion Medical to focus on Medical training. Have look at the Vital Workplace Training Website.

This one’s easy. Contact Richard at or 01376 317760 and he will be able to sort out the transition over to Vital Workplace Training.

All training services are being managed by Vital Workplace Training Group Ltd. Contact them at or call 01376 317760 to speak to the team

Sadly, our Event Support element has been placed on hold for until the year-end 2020. From 2021, we aim to offer a full bespoke Event First Aid and Medical Support service, along with other services brand new to us.

Sure, I’m still able to help you. Give me a call on 01376 316147 or email and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs.